Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Subwoofer : Logitech Z-4 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer (Black)

Enjoy the elegant styling and premium sound of Logitech s Z-4 speaker system, featuring a modern, home-audio inspired design and advanced driver technology. Pressure-driver subwoofer technology delivers unparalleled distortion-free bass. Sleek satellites include durable cast-metal stands and feature one active and two pressure drivers, producing the high-quality sound. The convenient wired remote control includes a headphone jack, auxiliary input, volume, subwoofer, and power controls. Setup is easy with color-coded audio cables. Satellites - 17 watts RMS (8.5W x 2) Subwoofer - 23 watts RMS Total RMS power - 40 watts RMS Total peak power - 80 watts Frequency response - 35Hz - 20kHz Satellites - 2 inch dome & pressure driver Subwoofer - 8 inch pressure driver Signal-to-noise ratio - less than 92 db Satellites Dimensions - Height 9 x Width 3 x Depth 3.75 Subwoofer Dimensions - Height 9 x Width 9 x Depth 9.37

I cannot possibly imagine what the other reviewers expected. These are $70 computer speakers, not a multi-thousand dollar audiophile surround sound speaker system. For what these are, they deliver truly impressive sound - smooth, room vibrating, bass, crisp highs, and a midrange nearly perfect for computer games. If you prefer music, the midrange can be improved with only minor adjustments in a graphics equalizer - available in Windows Media Player (under "Enhancements" of the "View" menu) and any other decent media player. With a little equalizer tweaking, these speakers deliver exceptional music performance and are a true pleasure to listen to (rock, classic rock, jazz, or country).

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