Saturday, October 17, 2009

Portable and Novelty TVs : Haier HLT71 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV

Great little TV. The item I received differed from the one pictured, it was rubberized black and had better controls. I comes with a removable battery pack, 12v and AC adapters and a stick antenna.

We use it for keeping up with college football games while watching our daughters travel softball team.

The TV decodes everything. ATSC (over the air digital TV), NTSC (analog TV), regular cable TV AND even non-encrypted QAM cable TV (that was a huge plus for me).

I tried a Radio Shack 7" that looks a lot like the Amazon picture of the Haier above; but this TV is MUCH MUCH better. The antennas with these TV's are crap, get the silver sensor sold on Amazon and you will be amazed the channels you can pull in with this TV.

Good Luck.

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